Just like forgetting a person’s name at a cocktail party don’t assume everything is going to be ok by apologising.

Same goes in your sales messages.

If you can’t wow your prospect in the first sentence or paragraph, It’s goodbye … instead of hello!

Not a good look. Hey!

And the best way to reverse this dire predicament is by using this time tested
copywriting hack

Self Interest Curiosity = Compelling Appeal

It’s not in the least original, but John Caples formula still works.

Suggest you play around with that one and you are bound to get more clicks, likes, and conversions.

Copywriting lesson over!

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I was asked in a podcast the other day what’s the difference between Copywriting and Storytelling.

So here goes…

Look at writing copy as assembling an IKEA set of drawers. Painstaking process but worthwhile once you’ve finished putting all the relevant elements together.

1. Headline
2. Body Copy
3. Specifics.
4. Proof and Testimonials.
5. Call to action

Generally, with any good story, there are three parts—the beginning, middle, and end. So before you start writing one single word just bear in that in mind first.

Back that up with intrigue and tension, and you have the perfect recipe for a compelling story.

Ultimately you need to use both persuasive copywriting and storytelling to create a compelling sales message that makes money for you. 


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Strategic Copywriting Secrret #2 




Holly - 3 Simple Words To Boost Your Sales

Yesterday Isabella, youngest daughter, remarked how excited our 10-year-old dog Holly (BTW West Hylander/Maltese cross) seemed when it was walking time.

Dad, “You know she goes every day. Why is she so excited”? Good Question

So my copywriter’s brain switched over to thinking how incredibly pertinent!

Here’s the thing.

If you want to grab your prospects by the horns and buy from you (Only figurative speaking), then you need to get them excited when you are sending stuff out to them.

And the best way to do that is by using words that get people to tap dancing for joy.

Case example…

Using emotional adjectives like these in your headlines or throughout your sales piece  are going to add much-needed cadence to your copy









And one more thing…

Write in a conversational tone.

No doubt you need a great product or service and proof to back it up.

Today’s Copywriting lesson complete!



Sometimes the people or things we dislike in our life are the ones that teach us the most significant lessons!

Quick backstory…

Many moons ago, I ran a small tile importing business and hired many warehousing staff.

To my dismay, few stayed. Many didn’t cut the mustard.


As the business owner, I made a point of always building rapport with each one of them.

But here’s the kicker. The friendlier ones didn’t always perform the best.

And funny enough…

The best worker out of the lot was like an unsung hero – did his work unobtrusively even though we got along but by no means like a house on fire.

Here’s the thing.

If you are afraid to use words that scare you because they aren’t warm and fuzzy, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

So if you want to make more Sales selling to businesses look at how buying decisions are made from the heart and use logical statements to justify it all.

Truth is when you can tap into these 7 Raw emotions you will find this is the best place to start boosting your Sales.

1️⃣ Greed

2️⃣ Flattery

3️⃣ Guilt

4️⃣ Salvation

5️⃣ Exclusivity

6️⃣ Anger

7️⃣ Fear

It’s not in the least original but taken from legendary 20th-century copywriter Robert Collier.

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120 Persuasive words that convert



Crash bang! smash…. shattered  glass

Quick backstory…

That was the sound of another broken louvre from mum & dads treasured outside laundry.

What they didn’t know my ten-year-old self wanted to have fun.

My best attempt at emulating my cricket idols Chappell, Hughes & Border somehow failed.

The aftermath.

Knowing my dad would be disappointed with me over the collateral damage.

I ran like the wind.

Here’s the thing.

Being scared of my dad from a young age led me to always being shy to speak up to people.

As I grew older, I learnt to shake that fear of communication right off my shoulders like water off a duck’s back.

No doubt working in a face to face roles with John Q. Public helped my cause.

It’s no surprise as my confidence grew so did my communication skills.

It took me a while to figure out my purpose in life, but I’m so glad now I broke those louvres.


Now I’m a direct response copywriter.

How about you?

What’s your childhood fear that you turned into a career?



As a business owner, it’s natural to feel you have to take care of your business like it’s your “baby”. Especially in the early years.

When you have invested thousands and even millions of dollars in your almighty enterprise, it’s natural to want it to run like clockwork.


One area you can ill afford to be a perfectionist is in your copy.

The consensus amongst most Copywriters is that the real magic in your copy happens after you have edited after at least the fifth time.

However, there’s a fine line between aiming for perfection and turning it into a novel.


There comes a point where you have to say to yourself- “This is Good enough”. Otherwise, you can waste a heck of a lot of time on an article, blog, or email that no-one is ever going to read.

And which business owner would want that?

P.S. This a great idea to chew the fat over.

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120 Persuasive words that convert

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