Must confess Jerry Maguire is one of my all-time favourite ROM-COM’S.

It starred both Tom Cruise & Cuba Gooding JR.

In short…

Silky-smooth sports agent Jerry Maguire (played by Cruise) had an epiphany and got fired for uncovering the truth about illegal practices in his industry.

Now as a freelance agent Maguire faced an acid test on whether he could deliver the goods for Rod Tidwell- ) a disgruntled NFL wide receiver played by (played by Cuba Gooding JR).

After everyone else left him, Tidwell is the only athlete showing unwavering support. Ironically, Tidwell is a married man with his own set of dramas.

Supporting both a son and a brother living all under the same roof. He doubted whether the rookie Maguire could pull off a big $10 Million contract or crash or burn.

The heated phone conversation that followed is one of the most memorable movie lines in Hollywood history. “Show me the money”?


In true Hollywood style, Maguire did end up closing the deal for Tidwell. And here is one of the best business lessons.

If you want to earn the respect of your clients, you have to prove your worth with actual results.

Without that, you are likely to lose them. And unlike the movie, there’s no Cinderella Story.

Do you enjoy eating tasty food and a few drinks?

Well, I certainly do. Being of Italian origin, I’m certainly biased towards a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese and a glass of vino.

But you know what’s better than that? Hanging out, with your best friends – sharing a few jokes and chatting till your heart’s content. But imagine having everyone over to your place, and the complete opposite happens. Now your mates wouldn’t appreciate it if you claimed bragging rights as living in the best suburb is the absolute bomb! Funny enough this is how most bad copy starts. It talks more about what you want to do instead of what your customers want to do.

Next time you are writing copy consider this simple advice. You are writing to another human. Not a lifeless cyborg! So words do matter.

Choose yours wisely.

Light Globe 300x200 - Brilliantly Simple Business Lessons from Classic Hollywood Flick!

Yesterday I bought three new globes for my dining room area.

Pretty annoying to say the least- especially as these Halogens blow out after a couple of months.

So this time, I was determined to buy better quality.

I’m not a lighting expert, but I remember from my time as an inside sales rep for an electrical wholesaler that LED’s outlast their cheaper counterparts any time of the week.

So instead of buying them from Bunnings which is a 15 min walk just the find the correct aisle- I shopped around.

1st Business – Had excellent service but didn’t stock the product

2nd Business– Only had limited stock of the cheaper low watt Halogens

3rd Business – Had the LED’s, backed up with excellent service & reasonable price.

Same goes with your marketing. You can go with an agency who does fancy advertising and makes extraordinary claims – ultimately what counts is brand performance.

Fact is…

I understand how most business owners feel because I’ve been in the entrepreneurial trenches for more than 23 years.

And just like a LED light.

I might be the spark your business needs to navigate your business through the virus economy.


My FREE guide on the 120 Most Persuasive Words in marketing is a great start.

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120 Persuasive words that convert


The #1 thing that any prospect or customer wants to experience from using your product or service is the feeling of a dramatic transformation.

Truth is…   No one likes to buy a product without being emotionally engaged.

Take an everyday product like wash powder.
With so many similar products on the market, how do you get your product to stand out from the rest?

An excellent place to start is to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. What would they want to be? What problem are you solving for them?

What type of stains does it remove?

Now I bet this has already got you thinking.

It boils down to why should the customer choose your product.

Case example of emotional copy.

When you use  Salmat washing powder your ideal prospect is a married woman with 2 or 3 kids.

Can you guess if her life is hard or easy?

What emotions are going through her mind?

For instance…

She doesn’t want washing powder that still leaves stains after a wash

She doesn’t have to time re-wash clothes continually

She needs her favourite dress washed in time for a special party.

Otherwise, she ends up being a seething mess.

All these are deep-seated emotions that are running through your prospects mind and when you can exploit and remind them of the joy, relief, satisfaction, and confidence from using your product this is where the Marketing magic begins.

You see once you can identify and tap into these raw emotions and apply them to your sales process you have a tremendous advantage in attracting prospects and turning them into repeat customers.



P.S Next post will reveal the most persuasive words with emotional benefits

Let’s talk about price versus quality today?
A touchy subject indeed if you can’t afford the finer things in life.
I shudder to think how much money my last luxury car must have cost me.
Now that I drive an everyday car.
It certainly makes it hard to come down a peg when you used to the best that money can buy.

Have you ever noticed on the road there are far more owners of medium to luxury cars than bombs?

There’s a good reason for not buying the cheapest possible car.
Because when people  pay the extra money on classic cars likes  AUDI’s ,BMW’s & MERCEDES …
The #1  Reason is CONFIDENCE.

  • CONFIDENCE that a Mercedes AUDI , or BMW have great safety features.
  • CONFIDENCE that they will never breakdown because of their reputation.
  • CONFIDENCE that their car will not deteriorate in value as much as their cheaper counterparts.

So the #1 question you need to address in your marketing & advertising right now is …
How do I get my customers to place more confidence in my products or services than my competitors?

You can only do this by doing something exceptional for them.
Whether it’s …


Wouldn’t you rather be seen as someone of value to your customer than a commodity, than forever competing on price?

The Choice is yours.

Hint : I know what I would be choosing.



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Do you like eating out and sharing laughs with your best friends & family?
Well I certainly do.

Have you ever been to your favourite restaurant and despite your best intention to order less food you give into temptation and order 3 main meals?
I know that feeling for sure!
For some of us having a content stomach is much more appealing than an empty wallet?
Which leads me to my next helpful Marketing Tip.

All successful Advertising is based on one or more of 3 appeals.

Keep reading on to see the expanded list below.

As a business owner or Marketing manager you want to base your advertising on having the right appeal.

You’ll be interested to know that the following appeals have been tried and tested over and over again by successful Marketers.

  1. Sex/sex appeal – not just – or even primarily – the physical act, but also love, affection, friendship
  2. Greed – All the things- physical and emotional – that money can buy.
  3. Fear – Fear of losing what you have…. of not gaining what you hope to achieve…. or both
  4. Duty/ honour/ professionalism – What’s in it for me, but what is best for those I serve – the right medicine, the longest lasting car tyres , the most property investment. (Sources Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples)

Notice that all 4 appeals concentrate on what is best for the reader, NOT ONE of these appeals mentions the seller!

The most obvious reason why most advertising fails because the advertisers are too busy gloating their own accomplishments (The world’s most trusted brand!)

They soon forget to tell why the reader should buy from us.
(Our product will relieve muscle aches within 2 hours)

No doubt about it our attention span is at all time low. How long do you stay on a website if what you see doesn’t grab your attention 2-3 seconds maybe?

The same applies to your prospects.

And That’s why the old Acronym W.I.F.M (What’s in it for me) is a great way for your copy to enter the conversation of your prospects mind.

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