Must confess Jerry Maguire is one of my all-time favourite ROM-COM'S.

It starred both Tom Cruise & Cuba Gooding JR.

In short…

Silky-smooth sports agent Jerry Maguire (played by Cruise) had an epiphany and got fired for uncovering the truth about illegal practices in his industry.

Now as a freelance agent Maguire faced an acid test on whether he could deliver the goods for Rod Tidwell- ) a disgruntled NFL wide receiver played by (played by Cuba Gooding JR).

After everyone else left him, Tidwell is the only athlete showing unwavering support. Ironically, Tidwell is a married man with his own set of dramas.

Supporting both a son and a brother living all under the same roof. He doubted whether the rookie Maguire could pull off a big $10 Million contract or crash or burn.

The heated phone conversation that followed is one of the most memorable movie lines in Hollywood history. "Show me the money"?


In true Hollywood style, Maguire did end up closing the deal for Tidwell. And here is one of the best business lessons.

If you want to earn the respect of your clients, you have to prove your worth with actual results.

Without that, you are likely to lose them. And unlike the movie, there’s no Cinderella Story.

carlo 2017 profile 125x125 - Brilliantly Simple Business Lessons from Classic Hollywood Flick!

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