Light Globe 300x200 - Does Your Brand Performance Pass The Reliability Test?

Yesterday I bought three new globes for my dining room area.

Pretty annoying to say the least- especially as these Halogens blow out after a couple of months.

So this time, I was determined to buy better quality.

I'm not a lighting expert, but I remember from my time as an inside sales rep for an electrical wholesaler that LED's outlast their cheaper counterparts any time of the week.

So instead of buying them from Bunnings which is a 15 min walk just the find the correct aisle- I shopped around.

1st Business - Had excellent service but didn't stock the product

2nd Business- Only had limited stock of the cheaper low watt Halogens

3rd Business - Had the LED's, backed up with excellent service & reasonable price.

Same goes with your marketing. You can go with an agency who does fancy advertising and makes extraordinary claims - ultimately what counts is brand performance.

Fact is...

I understand how most business owners feel because I've been in the entrepreneurial trenches for more than 23 years.

And just like a LED light.

I might be the spark your business needs to navigate your business through the virus economy.


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