Crash bang! smash.... shattered  glass

Quick backstory...

That was the sound of another broken louvre from mum & dads treasured outside laundry.

What they didn't know my ten-year-old self wanted to have fun.

My best attempt at emulating my cricket idols Chappell, Hughes & Border somehow failed.

The aftermath.

Knowing my dad would be disappointed with me over the collateral damage.

I ran like the wind.

Here's the thing.

Being scared of my dad from a young age led me to always being shy to speak up to people.

As I grew older, I learnt to shake that fear of communication right off my shoulders like water off a duck's back.

No doubt working in a face to face roles with John Q. Public helped my cause.

It's no surprise as my confidence grew so did my communication skills.

It took me a while to figure out my purpose in life, but I'm so glad now I broke those louvres.


Now I'm a direct response copywriter.

How about you?

What's your childhood fear that you turned into a career?



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About Carlo Guzzi

Carlo Guzzi is a Direct Response Copywriter. Based in Perth, Carlo has helped local business owners from all parts of Australia and even the UK. Carlo has a unique ability to write copy that gets inside the mind of your prospect and solve those difficult Marketing problems that keep you the business owner up at night.

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