Let's talk about price versus quality today? A touchy subject indeed if you can't afford the finer things in life. I shudder to think how much money my last luxury car must have cost me. Now that I drive an everyday car. It certainly makes it hard to come down a peg when you used to the best that money can buy. Have you ever noticed on the road there are far more owners of medium to luxury cars than bombs? There's a good reason for not buying the cheapest possible car. Because when people  pay the extra money on classic cars likes  AUDI’s ,BMW’s & MERCEDES ... The #1  Reason is CONFIDENCE.
  • CONFIDENCE that a Mercedes AUDI , or BMW have great safety features.
  • CONFIDENCE that they will never breakdown because of their reputation.
  • CONFIDENCE that their car will not deteriorate in value as much as their cheaper counterparts.
So the #1 question you need to address in your marketing & advertising right now is ... How do I get my customers to place more confidence in my products or services than my competitors? You can only do this by doing something exceptional for them. Whether it’s ...
Wouldn't you rather be seen as someone of value to your customer than a commodity, than forever competing on price? The Choice is yours. Hint : I know what I would be choosing.     Talk to you Soon Carlo FEEL Free to visit my website.
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Carlo Guzzi is a Direct Response Copywriter. Based in Perth, Carlo has helped local business owners from all parts of Australia and even the UK. Carlo has a unique ability to write copy that gets inside the mind of your prospect and solve those difficult Marketing problems that keep you the business owner up at night.

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