Laser targeted Copywriting guaranteed to exponentially grow your business with persuasive words

Here’s a snapshot in what I can do for you….

  1. With each promotion I send you comes a short list of 5 Winning headlines to split test. You choose as you go along to roll the campaign out.

  2. Insert a secret strategy which makes it almost irresistible for prospects not to click on your links/website.

  3. Absolute safety for you as my Copywriting service is based on a guaranteed fixed price – including minimum 1 revision.

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A Web Designers View on Conversions

Since Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, SEO has relied primarily on quality content. Forget about all the SEO tricks like keyword stuffing, scraping well used articles and spinning, and firing out backlinks to anywhere and everywhere – as was the case only a few years back.

Sure, you need backlinks. And some onsite optimisation.

But Google now favours websites mostly for their ability to captivate and keep the target audience compelling them to interact with the website by clicking on your calls-to-action.

So how do we put a spell on our web visitors AND win Google over?

By making sure our content is the best we can make it.

We need persuasive copy, relevant, well structured and entertaining.

So who do I seek out to create such content?

That’s right… a copywriter.

Especially a talented one like Carlo Guzzi.

Gary Pudney
Web Developer and SEO Consultant with over 25 years experience.

Need More Sales on your next promotion?

Now you can turn your next idea into a scaleable business with persuasive Copywriting.

Guaranteed to give you a completely unbiased opinion about the critical areas of your Marketing with very low risk to you!


Video Scripts

 Marketing videos need to perform the best they can if they are to reach your target audience. They are promoting your products, your services, your brand, yourself so you need to get them right. Every time.

Freelance Writer

Hiring a freelance writer means getting the work done correctly, accurately, and professionally without putting pressure on an unqualified employee. This allows you to have a fresh writing style, subject matter, and voice.


Your Writing – Professionally Proofed – Carlo is an expert proofreader and will proof, polish and perfect your writing through Grammar, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Word Choice and Style.

Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling can greatly enhance interest and engagement in you and your business. It has emerged from the explosion of content marketing, brand journalism and article writing in today’s marketing mix.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is the process of reviewing and correcting written material to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.

Persuasive Web Copy

Writing successful marketing copy is nothing short of an art. Content that puts across your point subtly and engages your readers creates engagement and putting the good of your target audience first.

Scratching your head for the next BIG IDEA?

How is your Copy doing? Or are you still running on the spot …. beating yourself  into oblivion trying to think of the magic formula.
Either way you need to give yourself the best chance of succeeding by having a Marketing system that works.

And by that I mean Copywriting that gets you Sales.

If you’re like most thoughtful creative people, you probably spend way too much time with unprofitable clients.
And the more you spend time with them … Everyday… The more your profit buckets start to leak.
What good copy can do for is focus on your target Market which gives you the peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with demanding unprofitable customers.

Unfortunately some business owners can’t see the merit in hiring a Copywriter.

Don’t allow yourself to be a hamster on a wheel any longer.
So instead of sweating over some new copy and your balance sheet, why not let me write something for you?

Short on Marketing Cash?

To find out more it will only cost you an hour of your time.
You’re not committing to anything either.
Why not give me a test drive? I can’t be any fairer than that.

And even if we don’t end up working together, my advice alone could make or save you thousands. Rest assured that when you do decide to outsource the copywriting in your business this could well be the best investment you’re likely to make.

So to make that decision a little easier here’s a little bonus for you that you can wrap around your head. I’m offering a BLUEPRINT to make your Marketing more successful over 60 minutes valued at a real $97.00

So if you are serious about generating more …

  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Bigger Profits

This could be the shot in the arm that your business needs!

Your prospects may never know the benefits of your offer …. unless you have Copywriting that gets results.

When you need the kind of copy …. That pulls in money and generates more high quality leads then this is where a Copywriter can help.

In case you don’t know, if silence means not saying anything.
Be warned that …

Silence is the kiss of death for your business – even worse than sending something abysmal.

Let me tell you 2 things about my service:

  1. It’s not a quick fix.
  2. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Whether it’s Landing Pages, Email Campaigns, Video, Audio Scripts, Blogs, or Direct Mail, I’ll get you talking to customers. So wouldn’t you want more customers without breaking the bank balance?

Believe it or not …
All it takes is for you to pick up the phone or click that mouse – it’s that easy?

Naturally I’m biased but I firmly believe I can help solve any of your  Marketing Conundrums.

Here are some of the industries I’ve been involved in ..

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Mining
  • Real Estate
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Overseas Study
  • Shop Fitouts

If you are serious about getting rid of the business handcuffs  biting into your wrists, and breaking free from all the chaos …

Why not give me a call? 0414 549 484

Make sure that’s the next thing you do.

Carlo Guzzi

Direct Response Copywriter and Lead Generation Specialist

Why invest your hard earned cash with me? Good question.

What this means for a busy business owner like you that I write copy that gets inside the mind of your prospect and solve those difficult Marketing problems that keep you up at night. How am I going to do this?

For starters I just don’t write copy. I expertly assemble it piece by piece like an intricate jigsaw puzzle. So I discard the unwanted parts and focus on making the good parts even more persuasive.

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What Others Say

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“Absolutely blown away with Carlo’s Copy! I was struggling to come up with a press release  and it ticked all the boxes. I can certainly spot good copy from Bad as I’m an English Teacher”!

Jennifer England
English Laboratory UK

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I would recommend anyone that is struggling with Copy in any form to give Carlo a Call and have a chat.
He will want to get to know you first which is a good way to start the Copy relationship.
In my Case the results have been extremely positive.

Cath Edwards
The Stress Less Coach Sydney

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Hello Carlo This is an excellent email, on top of others you have sent through.   

We are Unique because:
We are prepared to help you (the client) when all else has failed (i.e. Lack of time, skills, knowledge and fun)
Our Marketing Plan and Marketing Content Strategy are now complete thanks to last night’s email.
I also have a client who is looking to launch a new product, which I need to discuss with you.

Sean Fletcher
Business Consultant & Principal Strategic Teams , Perth

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That can keep your prospects on your site for longer and more often.
I tell you how to avoid the #3 Biggest Website Blunders!

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