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The #1 thing that any prospect or customer wants to experience from using your product or service is the feeling of a dramatic transformation.

Truth is…   No one likes to buy a product without being emotionally engaged.

Take an everyday product like wash powder.
With so many similar products on the market, how do you get your product to stand out from the rest?

An excellent place to start is to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. What would they want to be? What problem are you solving for them?

What type of stains does it remove?

Now I bet this has already got you thinking.

It boils down to why should the customer choose your product.

Case example of emotional copy.

When you use  Salmat washing powder your ideal prospect is a married woman with 2 or 3 kids.

Can you guess if her life is hard or easy?

What emotions are going through her mind?

For instance…

She doesn’t want washing powder that still leaves stains after a wash

She doesn’t have to time re-wash clothes continually

She needs her favourite dress washed in time for a special party.

Otherwise, she ends up being a seething mess.

All these are deep-seated emotions that are running through your prospects mind and when you can exploit and remind them of the joy, relief, satisfaction, and confidence from using your product this is where the Marketing magic begins.

You see once you can identify and tap into these raw emotions and apply them to your sales process you have a tremendous advantage in attracting prospects and turning them into repeat customers.



P.S Next post will reveal the most persuasive words with emotional benefits

Let’s talk about price versus quality today?
A touchy subject indeed if you can’t afford the finer things in life.
I shudder to think how much money my last luxury car must have cost me.
Now that I drive an everyday car.
It certainly makes it hard to come down a peg when you used to the best that money can buy.

Have you ever noticed on the road there are far more owners of medium to luxury cars than bombs?

There’s a good reason for not buying the cheapest possible car.
Because when people  pay the extra money on classic cars likes  AUDI’s ,BMW’s & MERCEDES …
The #1  Reason is CONFIDENCE.

  • CONFIDENCE that a Mercedes AUDI , or BMW have great safety features.
  • CONFIDENCE that they will never breakdown because of their reputation.
  • CONFIDENCE that their car will not deteriorate in value as much as their cheaper counterparts.

So the #1 question you need to address in your marketing & advertising right now is …
How do I get my customers to place more confidence in my products or services than my competitors?

You can only do this by doing something exceptional for them.
Whether it’s …


Wouldn’t you rather be seen as someone of value to your customer than a commodity, than forever competing on price?

The Choice is yours.

Hint : I know what I would be choosing.



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