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It’s funny most business owners will think of a USP as a statement with no benefit to the customer.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service”
Great Customer service is what most customers expect so there’s nothing unique about that statement.

“We are the cheapest”
Obviously if you are advertising your product or service as “We are the cheapest buy from us” you’ve simply run out of Marketing ideas.
And it’s the quickest race to the bottom.
And you don’t want to win that race!

Your Customers will buy benefits
“This jumper has pockets which will keep you warm in winter”
“Look at The amount of money you save on petrol when you buy this car”

All your prospects want to know is W.I.F.M.
What’s in it for me …..
So the trick is not to bury your head in the sand any longer making the same mistake as all the followers.

A great USP can make the difference between increasing your turnover by 30% or a whole lot more.


Have you ever been to a restaurant and despite your best intention to order less food you give into temptation and order 3 main meals?
I know that feeling for sure!
Feeling overwhelmed by too much food can be an uncomfortable feeling to say the least.
And a lot like business life you wouldn’t want your advertising to be self indulgent.

It’s easy to overlook one factor and that is to find the right appeal.

You’ll be interested to know that the following appeals have been tried and tested over and over again by successful Marketers.

  1. Sex/sex appeal –     not just – or even primarily – the physical act, but also love, affection, friendship
  2. Greed – All the things – physical and emotional – that money can buy
  3. Fear –  Fear of losing what you have …. of not gaining what you hope to achieve …. or both
  4. Duty/ honour/professionalism – What’s in it for me , but what is best for those I serve – the right medicine, the longest lasting car tyres , the most property investment.  (Sources Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples)

Note that all 4 appeals concentrate on what is best for the reader, NOT ONE of these appeals mentions the seller!

The most obvious reason why most advertising fails because the advertisers are too busy gloating their own accomplishments (The world’s most trusted brand!)
They soon forget to tell why the reader should buy from us. (Our product will relieve muscle aches within 2 hours)

No doubt about it our attention span is at an all time low. How long do you stay on a website if what you see doesn’t grab your attention 2-3 seconds maybe?

The same applies to your prospects.

And that’s why the old Acronym W.I.F.M (What’s in it for me) is a  great way for your copy to enter the conversation of your prospects mind.

Talk to you soon!

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